若手ヘアデザイナー『CHEEK!、HAKAH』の2人が創るHAIR SALONです。
”髪”から”髪”。その髪に対するリスペクトと、”デザイン × 髪 × 繋がり”を大事にし、”髪”と真剣に向き合っています。


1991 born young hair designer of tender 24-year-old CHEEK! And HAKAH is creating this HAIR SALON. From "hair"to"hair". And respect for the hair, important of "design × hair × ties", we are facing seriously for the "hair".

However, hairdressers are not only thinking for hair work.

We mixed beauty, apparel, events, music, food industry also mutually stimulus and , creating a new thing gathering is "force" of the younger generations, This is the place to disseminate to the world from Osaka here.

Usually Although it is beauty salon, sometimes becomes a shooting studio collaboration with outside artists, and a people feel free to gather conversation who are active in a variety of occupations, music and projector also that style will change .

It is SOH.

TEL : 06-6210-5086

OPEN : 平日 12:00~22:00 土日祝 10:00~20:00

CLOSE : 月曜日